Does Newspaper Advertising Work For a Brand?

Advertising is an important tool for any company to reach a wider audience. Behind every successful brand lie great advertising campaigns. Even in the age of the Internet and broadcast media, newspaper advertising has not lost its importance. In fact, advertising in the newspaper offers many benefits which make your More »

How To Do Your Own Internet Marketing

Creating an online presence for your business is not a bad thing. In fact, it is actually wise move considering that people nowadays prefer to do their shopping in front of the computer first before actually heading out to the nearest mall or retail outlet. However, internet marketing can be More »

The 10 Best Personal Finance Experts

Over the years, many people have positioned themselves as experts in personal finance. Some of the ones who have taught people the most about taking control of their finances: 1. JD Roth Roth started his site Get Rich Slowly to document his journey from tens of thousands of consumer debt toward financial More »


Real Time Marketing: What’s It All About


Over the last year or so you may have seen some great examples of real time marketing. The ability to engage with customers or your prospective audience brings benefits. Marketing with a relevantly timed message is almost too good an opportunity. An example of real-time marketing was Nissan’s 7 minute royal baby ad. This came

The Benefits of Off-Page SEO


SEO: it’s taking the business world by storm. A simple search within any search engine can retrieve millions of results. Pages and pages of information are retrieved by simply typing a few keywords into the search box. This means that many companies have a platform, online, to showcase their business. The wonderful thing about SEO

How To Create More Sales For Your New Products


As all business owners will know already, the amount of sales you achieve when launching new products plays a big role in determining how successful your business becomes. You see; it can cost a lot of money to bring new items to market, and this means you start with a significant loss. You obviously need

How To Brand Your New Medical Treatment Company

Medical Treatment

If you’ve decided to pool your expertise with some qualified friends and start your own medical treatment company this year, you’ll probably need a lot of advice when it comes to branding, right? Unfortunately, you simply can’t be seen using the same techniques other business owners use, as your interests lie in patient care, and

Tips to Become an Extremely Efficient Receptionist


When a business is looking to hire a receptionist, they look for a few key things that will indicate to them whether they’re any good or not. They need a receptionist who fits in well with their particular organisation, as well as somebody who is friendly, polite, and gets the job done. Different businesses may

Business Owners Need Luxury Cars: Here’s Why


As a business owner, you will have no doubt understood that image is everything when it comes to promoting your brand and its products and services. People aren’t going to buy something that looks like it was put together in a hurry, nor are they going to use a service that is shambolic and mediocre

Tips on How You Can Increase Brand Awareness


Branding is a very important aspect of business. After all, businesses-whether large or small-need to promote whatever it is they are offering to their respective markets. And with the use of the proper branding strategies, then you can expect more people to remember your business (and what you have to offer)-and enjoy more benefits accordingly.

Some Online Marketing Myths That Stop You From Starting Your Business


I hear it all the time: “Mike, you don’t really make any money with your internet business, do you?” Most of the people who ask that question know someone who has tried to make an online business work but have failed… or gave up when success didn’t come overnight. So it’s easy for them to